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Life Synergy Inc - Therapy Pricing & Packages

If you need help deciding which therapy is best for you and your specific goals, schedule a consultation with Norma. The cost is $50 and includes a free relaxation sound session. All services are subject to GST.

Colon Hydrotherapy - $100
*includes a Free Relaxation Sound Therapy Session

EPR Biofeedback Stress Management - $140
*Introductory Special - 1st session only - $175 (1.5 hrs)

Lymph Drainage Therapy - $140

GForm Gwave Microcurrent Therapies - $140

  • Fat Cell Reduction
  • Lymphatic Detoxification
  • Muscle Stregthening / Body Contour
  • Circulation / Pain Relief & others
  • Face Lifts & Face Lymph (pads extra)

NeuroAcoustic Sound Innertone - $195
(Delta, Theta or Alpha with Core Belief Balancing - excluded from packages)

Chi Nei Tsang - $120

Thought Field Therapy - $100

Relaxation Sound Therapy - $75

Ion Cleanse Detox (45 min.) - $65

Eternale Intro Package Special - $375
5 sessions

Combination Package - $595
Any 5 therapy hours

Combination Package - $995
Any 10 therapy hours

Norma J Hope
Certified Therapist
780 477-1100 By appointment only
13803 90 St, Edmonton

All prices & packages subject to change w/o notice. Cancelling or Rescheduling must be done by PHONE. For single appts we require a full 48 hours notice and 10 days notice for consecutive colon appts. All Packages must be prepaid in full - they never expire – use anytime. All prices based on cash or debit. Credit Card payments are additional amount of up to 2.5%.  Go to website for therapy information or call.

Colon Hydrotherapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Ion Cleanse Therapy & More in Edmonton & Tolfield Alberta, Canada